Wednesday, September 8, 2010


Ugh! Frustration has been rearing it's ugly head in my life over & over again lately. Frustration in my life & in the lives of the people who surround me the most. I realize it's time to take authority over it. I have been on the fence about creating classes, workshops, my website, blah. blah. blah. I haven't done it because I will be exposing myself big time. I haven't done it because a tinsy winsy amount of fear. Silly! So I expose myself?

My Planet can learn from my story. My story is worth telling. I made my choice to resurrect my life. I choose to follow through and step forward. I get frustrated because my old story is I have no creativity. I start to get all these great ideas & I choose for getting them on to paper & into fruition to be easy. To get them out requires allowing myself to be seen as my pure, genuine, authentic self, which is huge! How many people walk around daily being their true self is what goes through my mind. Do you? Or do you walk around being the person you think other people desire you to be? That is what I use to do. My highest choice to expose my higher self to my planet. I bathe in the Light of God. I have found since I have been who I really am I have deep connections with my friends, and fewer of them. I can just be me & it's easy. It's odd to me as I started shining my light & expressing my heart I had friends just start staying away. I get some people are not ready. I am completely attracted to people who express their hearts & are ready to move forward. When people are mechanical & just got through the motions of life I am repelled. I feel people's energies. If I stay in an icky energy field I feel icky. I bless the darkness. I bless all my friends & family with their heart's desires. I guess darkness does repel light because when light exists darkness cannot.

Now, I get to take the next step & do it in front of groups who really know nothing about me, except they are intrigued by my presence & classes and/or to have me as their coach. As I type this, what comes up is I deserve love & I am seen. Two very powerful decrees. I woke up this morning asking myself & God questions. My answer was to Blog. I had no idea about what and I just started writing...creating ideas with my words. Thank you God! Thank you Ascended Hosts! I know this Blog is a little random & one thing I teach people is our heart's don't make sense. I have my answers. I serve faith, courage, & trust. I am creative & my creativity flows through me. I am supplied through my God. I am grateful for my life & I teach my life to others. I am step out onto the front lines to teach & help my planet expose their true, authentic selves. My creativity flows with ease & grace.