Monday, July 12, 2010

"About Me"

This is my story I posted on my  "About Me" from my website. I am inspired to share it here on my blog. Please read this only in your purity, love, & faith...

On June 10, 2005, I was shot in the chest in a home invasion. I was staying with a friend at her apartment. A guy broke in through the patio door & held a shotgun to our heads to get us on the floor. My friend’s roommate, sister, mother, & niece were also in the apartment. He went back and forth from room to room trying to figure out what to do. When he was in the other room, we ran. My friend made it over the railing the first time. I didn’t. He pulled me back in by my hair, into the same room I came from. He left me there. I ran again. This time I made it over the railing. I had run about 10 feet when I heard the gun cock. I turned around. Thank God. Instead of going through my back & killing me, the bullet got me in the chest. It completely took off my left breast. I got up & ran through the parking lot…screaming. I had no idea I had been shot. He was coming after me. I ran a few buildings down & knocked on a door. The guy had heard me screaming, looked out, saw me bleeding, and opened his door to let me in. The man who shot me got away.

Afterwards, I suffered from Post Traumatic Stress Disorder. I had anxiety (fear), nightmares, fear of public places, a sleeping disorder, fear of being alone in my house. Every night I had a routine of turning the porch lights on & off, and lights in the house on or off. I obsessed about knowing how an intruder chose the place he would break into. I went to doctors & counselors, got on meds…antidepressants, mood stabilizers, sleeping pills, anxiety pills. In addition to those, I was addicted to painkillers. I took about 35 pills a day. About a year after of all this, I crashed. Literally. I threw my car off the highway into a cement pillar. I went to jail for a DWI for having my valium in my car. I spent 3 days in jail, while I waited for my parents to come to Dallas from Lubbock to come get their baby girl. I do not recommend going through withdrawal in jail. I went back to Lubbock. First step was to get off all the freaking pills. My mom & sisters are firm believers in alternative therapy & they intervened. They introduced me to Emotional Freedom Technique, EFT. Through EFT, I learned how important talking about “my stuff” is & the value of having another person be completely present with me. I moved to Austin to be close to my EFT Practitioner. I mastered EFT. My EFT Practitioner introduced me to Conscious Language 101. Another friend & mentor gave me an intro to Robert Stevens work. By listening to my words & applying a few word changes, I shifted my life. I went to Bob’s core classes. Now, I have mastered all my tools Bob has taught me. I do Bio-Optic Holography™, Sacred Body Language Translations™, Outcome Facilitations™, & teach Language of Mastery™ classes.

This story is the reason why I do what I do. The worst thing that ever happened to me was also the best. In the past, I had no identity or what was happening when I was feeling other than enthusiastic. Now, I know there is a scale of emotions, and where I am on it. I am can translate what is up for me through body language, listening to my word patterns, & through reading eyes. I am present with what I am feeling, and I feel it. I feel, instead of try to figure things out with my head & suppressing it. Sometimes feeling is really easy, and sometimes really hard. Through attending Mastery System classes, I learned thoughts become things. I create my world with my thoughts, so I choose the good ones. I choose to give my brothers & sisters on my planet options to healthcare. My highest choice is to help you heal with ease & see your own perfection. I am dedicated to love, the only forward motion. I am here to heal my planet.