Thursday, July 15, 2010

Light on our Planet

I realized today I have been fearful to shine my light since I was about 4. At 4 years old! Do you know what I mean by shine my light? I mean I dimmed my presence, so people (my family) couldn't see me. I made up a story my light was too bright & uncomfortable for them. How often in the past have we told children to be quiet because we required silence? Or told them to stop playing with their imaginary friends? Or STOP crying? All of which are just children expressing themselves.  The message I received was  I am not suppose to be seen or heard. Sit or go play quietly by myself so the adults around me could be comfortable. I realize most of that could be a story I made up AND how much of it is true?  How much of it have I passed on to the children in my life. Up until about 2 years ago, I less than enjoyed being around children. Their light was too much for me & my human. My light was too much for me & my human. I am 31 now & in small increments over the last few years I've allowed my light to shine. As of today, I shine my light 100%. I take the basket off my light & I shine. I then stomp on the basket so I will keep it off! I allow you to see my genius & my beauty. I ask you to do it with me. Shine your light! And allow all the people in your life to shine their light too. We definitely have room on this planet for more light, especially through our children. Remember darkness cannot live where there is light. God is light!