Saturday, July 3, 2010

My First Post

Well Hello World!
My sister gave me the idea to blog about my life & my journery I've been on a few months ago. My first thought when she suggested this was "People don't wanna here what I have to say!". The truth is I feel fear about writing. I had a story, in the past, that I was other than a good writer. I thought more about it & realized I do not have to stick the boring, standard way of writing I was taught in school: an intro, body, then a conclusion. I can free-write, just say what is on my mind, & have fun. Kind of like journaling. I do journal & my thought has been one day I would publish it & help some people. I talk to myself in my head a lot. I might as well get my thoughts out soooooo here I am. I enjoy talking. I don't talk to myself or anything. I do talk to anybody that will even act like they are listening. I realized a few days ago my sister is on to something. I have awesome things to share everyday & I only share them with a few people. Sometimes the things I share are a-has for them too & sometimes I hear crickets and a polite "Well, good Amanda!" My new habit is to come blog about it. I feel enthusiastic my voice will reach hundreds of thousands of people soon. I feel joy about sharing my life & knowing my followers will reap benefits from it.

Cheers to making it through my first post with ease & grace. I have my courage to speak my heart's truth & my heart speaks loud!