Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A Committed Listening

Hello World!
"What does it mean?" is how I started this blog out. After I wrote & re-read it, I realize it might serve me better to state versus question soooo...

What it means. I  am here to help my planet. I choose for it to be fun & easy. I have days I feel enthusiastic & motivated. I have days I require massive amounts of stimulants & decrees to stay present. I have realized how important prayer, decree, and listening to my heart are. I have always had my connection with God & I realize my partnership was only one way. I spoke to him, questioned him, and  asked for things. I didn't let him speak back, answer me, or receive what he offered. My relationship with Spirit was exactly like most my relationships had been: one-sided, confusing, meaningless, just existing. Blgh! Gross! In the past, I have been selfish based on fear I won't receive back. I realize I have to give up doubt. I realize I have to give up sorting on the outside. I realize I am secure in receiving. I receive my God's love. I hear my God speak. My God speaks to me through my heart. I trust my heart & I trust my God. I realize as long as I honor my heart I am honoring my life & my life is God. God has always spoken back, answered my questions, & granted my prayers. I was just moving on & blaming him so I couldn't hear. The illusion works over-time to survive. The illusion, fear, doubt, pain can only exist if I let it by denying my God. Our human is so convoluted. Yesterday I went into a tyraid while talking to my sister about money. I played the victim & went off about going back to waiting tables & it's the only thing I can do to get money fast. Again, GROSS! I stepped outside by body. This was the perfect time to ask for help from God. Hello McFly! It has been said everything in opposition to what you are choosing is going to come up. Oh this was fo' sho the opposition. I forgive myself for folding & allowing the perceived outside pressure to come into be being. My new choice is I am a committed listening to my God. With God, I can only have perfection. I receive my God's love. I receive my love. I receive my massive amount of money. I help my planet find their heart's voice.